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Chimbambaira reloaded album vinyl art

Chimbambaira Reloaded

The remix album for Shottaz' premiere song Chimbambaira featuring fellow Zimbabwe born mega versatile artist Nutty O. The simple explanation of the word Chimbambaira is landmine. In the context of this tune, the landmine refers to the vibes produced by Shottaz, when someone comes into contact with the music the result is an explosion of vibes. It features reworks by Skinni, Benn Madz, OOJ, Oakley Grenell and Hlats also had a crack at it. All various types of sounds pruduced here. Check it out.

  1. Chimbambaira ft. Nutty O - Prod by Jusa Dementor
  2. Benn Madz remix
  3. OG remix
  4. OOJ remix
  5. Skinni remix
  6. Zodom remix
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Vibes up

New 4 track EP from the Shottaz featuring Jusa Dementor, Nutty O, Kutso, Paul Hauss and Big H.

  1. Keep on dancing - Prod by Kutso
  2. Chimbambaira ft. Nutty O - Prod by Jusa Dementor
  3. Ale and whiskey - Prod by Big H
  4. Lose Control - Prod by Paul Hauss
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Vibes up EP CD art