Blazing Fire: Passion Leading The Way

Over the last few months I have been actively implementing a few ideas that have been in development for more than a year. From the tunes you have seen us release (Chillin, Focus), to the TEN OF THE BEST playlist, these are concepts and ideas that I have been contemplating and refining for a lengthy period of time. Heck, this blog has been something I have been meaning to start for the longest time and, after a few misfires along the way, I feel like it is finally hitting some of the notes I envisioned during the conception stage.

I was scrolling through my instagram feed yesterday when I saw a post by a good friend of mine, shout out to Andrew. The bro shared a heartfelt post about the challenges he has faced in creating his inspirational account, @beencouragedtoday, and seeing it come into fruition. In the post, Andrew talks about the vulnerability he felt when making the decision to get his page off the ground. He was initially worried about how people would receive his initiative, and that was a big hurdle he had to conquer. This resonated with me, particularly because I faced the same mental struggle throughout the development of our content, be it the songs, videos, blog, or the weekly playlist. I constantly questioned whether anyone would actually take note of what we are trying to achieve, worried that people would simply not care for the music we spent so much time and energy creating. The fear is real, but what kept me going was the passion I have for what we’re doing.

I have reached a stage where that fear of rejection that tried to hold me back is now the very thing that drives me to continue creating content and sharing it with others. At some stage, that negative vibe has been converted into the driving force that urges me to keep creating, and it pushes me to share the content relentlessly. The turning point for me was when I realised how much value I get from the process, not the final product but the process. Don’t get me wrong, I have this freakish desire to continue improving our final product, to make it significantly better with each attempt, but the process of creating, developing, refining, and finally releasing the content gives me purpose. That purpose is galvanised by the passion I have for every single one of these initiatives we are working on.

There are still a few other concepts I’m still to get off the ground, but at this stage the only thing constraining me from getting started is time. What a great space to be in I tell you. Keep an eye out though, we have so much goodness lined up for you in the very near future.

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