Dread Squad: We Can Do It All Day, We Can Do This All Night

“Hey, we’re spreading these vibes now the scene is about to catch on fire…Changing up the game one monster tune at a time, and I promise that we’re never gonna tire!!!!”Lyrics from We Can Do This (off Focus mixtape)

Over the past few weeks I have dealt with some seriously contrasting emotions, from depressing lows driven by avoidable circumstances to dizzying highs that I wish would last a lifetime. I usually advise my friends not to spend too much energy focusing on the negative things and only pay attention to the positive, but that my friends is easier said than done. All that said, I have found myself leaning heavily on my peeps to keep my head above water when darkness was around, enter the Dread Squad.

Working with focused individuals is great for a number of reasons, one of which is that they pick up the slack when things aren’t going so well. My brothers in arms, Kwinton Jafa and Blacq Alex, are some seriously motivated gents and they have helped me push through some distractions over the last few weeks, even when they may not have realised it (Also big shout to my brother Dean for also picking up a good amount of slack). The grind has continued as if everything is hunky dory, and the level has not been allowed to drop. Most importantly we have managed to stay on track with all our plans which is testament to the way the team operates.

Another thing that has become rather apparent is that the new content we have been creating is lifting the bar ar couple of notches. Alex is on fire, Kwinton is getting back into production which is great to see, and this has pushed me to raise my own standard. The best feeling in the world is getting into the studio and having seamless sessions. I have to admit that my booth game still requires some work, given that I currently hold the record of the most takes when recording a 16 bar verse, but the quality of delivery is improving and this much is for sure. The song I named this post after, which is our next release from the “Focus” mixtape, is a prophecy fulfilled. We have found ourselves in a position where we can out hustle the best of them, no lie!!!

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