One Triple Two: Growing Pains

A few weeks ago I celebrated my earthstrong, and given that I successfully posted another decade on the board I took to reflecting. Looking back at my twenties, I found myself reliving a number of moments that one would call “definitive”, and I must say I have gone through a hell of a lot in the last 10 years.

As I was reminiscing, recounting the many times I had run ins with the boys in blue, or thinking about the numerous times I fell out with my peeps, I found one common denominator in most of my hectic experiences. After my first year in uni, I found myself roughing it in a hostel. If any of you have spent more than a couple of weeks in a hostel, you will know that the environment can get a bit much given than you have to share all your basic amenities with a whole gang of people. Needless to say, I found myself feeling extremely depressed in the 6 months I stayed at the joint. Enter my good friend Ash aka S-Dub (Yung Shottaz). Given that he was in a precarious position himself, in terms of accomodation, we decided to team up and find a place we could flat together. We embarked on a painfully lengthy house hunt, and it soon became apparent that we would need to find at least one more person for us to get an affordable spot. We recruited Ash’s cousin and soon enough were moving into a place that would change all our lives, for better or for worse.


The place we moved into has been known by many names over the years, in my circle of friends. Some have called it the Yung Shottaz’ pad, others simply refer to the place as “Mt Albert” (the suburb it is located in), but I will forever remember it as One Triple Two. I could honestly write a trilogy of novels recounting the many crazy events that happened in the house, and this post is not intended to share any of those, but let’s just say the house had a big influence on the man I am today. Most importantly, I got to do life with 3 of my closest friends, whom many of you know as the Yung Shottaz.

Living at One Triple Two with the crew, we grew together in more ways than one can imagine. Most importantly for me is that the boys helped me discover my passion for making music. Together we worked on our skills, and together we improved. We experienced some crazy highs in that time, and more significantly we reached some brutal lows. One of the main things I can say I learnt in my time living with the Yung Shottaz, is to deal with rejection. The amount of times we were told that we weren’t good enough is amazing, but together we developed this resilience which took us to the level managed to reach as a collective. To this day I can say that I still reference the many lessons I learnt during my time at the house. My musical journey may just be starting in earnest, but the foundation was laid in an environment which separates the men from the boys, and for that I will always be grateful to the legendary One Triple Two.

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