Back at it with yet another edition of the weekly TEN OF THE BEST playlist. This week, I have an abundance of top tunes to pick from as there have been some amazing albums released in recent weeks so it’s been a blast having so many great songs to pick from. Let’s get to it!

Check out the spotify playlist at the bottom of this post:

This week’s playlist, in no particular order:

Naughty Ride – Wizkid X Major Lazer

Wizkid released a monster of an album in July and I must say the joint has been on repeat since it was released, This song is one of his signature dancehall themed tunes, with a unique blend of that infectious dancehall bounce accompanied by nice afro melodies. And you know he delivers his vocals on point as usual.

High Grade – Angel X Protoje

I got introduced to this tune by the one Piet SBSC. The tune is packed with vibes, the riddim is laid back. Angel delivers some solid vocals, and you know this week’s double entrant Protoje comes through with his now expected consistent flow.

Come Down – Anderson.Paak

I was recently put onto Anderson.Paak and I have been consuming as much content as I get get my grubby hands on. This guy has a style which is undeniably good, and original. I highly recommend his album “Malibu”, so many notable songs on there.

Go – Chevaughn

This song is a few years old now, and it comes off the Animal Instinct riddim which I have listened to previously but somehow I missed this tune. Chevaughn brings the vibe on this one.

Victim – Runkus

Another artist I have just been put onto, and I have been catching vibes to almost all his tunes to date. This tune is no exception, the production is heavy and is complemented by some well though out and expertly executed vocals. Repeat value is through the roof on this one.

People Cry (Jungle Out There) – Richie Spice

The great Richie Spice comes through with what is surprisingly his first entry into this playlist. This is a more subdued song from the master, but the message is on point and you know Richie can’t do wrong when it comes to delivery.

Blood Money – Protoje

Protoje comes through with 2 entries this week. Though this tune has been bubbling under for a few weeks now. Put this one on repeat and watch the time fly by.

Bars – Chino

Chino has been missing in action lately, not releasing nearly as many tunes as you’d expect from such a talented artist. On this tune he come with some heavy, you guessed it, bars. One of my favourite Jamaican lyricists.

Beta Life – Tulk Munny X Take Fizzo

Tulk Munny is one of the hip hop artists from Zimbabwe to watch out for. He has been on  a slow grind, building a solid bag of tunes. At first I wasn’t a huge fan, and that’s because he’s such a different artist, but once I gave his music a fair shot I haven’t been able to stop listen to his sounds. Heads up, you’d really need to get what his saying to truly appreciate this dude,  and he does rap in Shona which might be a deterrent for some.

So A Child May Follow – Damian Marley

Junior Gong released his album a few weeks ago and this tune was the immediate standout for me. There are a bunch of top tunes on that album, which you’ll probably see on the list in coming weeks, but this song is just special. I played it for an Uber driver the other day and he asked for a pull  up, this guy doesn’t listen to reggae music but he loved this tune. Says a lot about the song hey?

Hope you enjoy this list. Until the next time!!

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