Shottaz bring the Vibes Up

Shottaz – Vibes up EP cover

Released in November 2019, the Shottaz Vibes Up EP is a 4 track Afro Dancehall project with one main agenda, ‘Raise the vibes’. Whether you at a party, in your car, working out, in isolation during this Covid 19 situation or when you are feeling low and just need something to lift your energy a little bit, I guarantee the Shottaz have at least one song on this EP that will suit perfectly.

The project has received rave reviews by fans and critics with the second track Chimbambaira, which features fellow Zimbabwean dancehall sensation Nutty O, proving to be the one of the more popular tracks. It also features production by Zimbabwe born UK based Jusa Riddims, Paul Hauss from Germany, another Zimbabwean producer Kutso and Beats By Big H.

Vibes Up tracklist

  1. Keep on dancing (Kutso Productions)
  2. Chimbambaira ft. Nutty O (Jusa Riddims)
  3. Ale and whiskey (Beats By Big H)
  4. Lose control (Paul Hauss)

The lead single “Keep on dancing” has a music video that is out now. The video for Chimbambaira will also be premiered 19/06/2020. Both available on YouTube, alternatively you can view them and more on our music videos page.

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