One Step At A Time – Fitness Goals For A Committed Performer

Last week we hosted a gig for the release of the new tune alongside Triplelan, Okedeo. The gig was pretty well attended, considering that we only had 2 weeks to promote the event, and the energy in the venue was electric to say the least. We did a set consisting of myself, Trip, Blacq Alex, and a live band, which spanned the duration of ~1 hour. While we delivered a set that we are proud of as a collective, I had one take away which I am now working to improve.

The last time I performed anywhere near an hour was back in the Yung Shottaz days, and back then I was in relatively good shape given that I was actively playing football and also due to the fact that I was much younger so my body was able to cope with the significant punishment on each occasion. Fast forward several years, and an ungodly amount fast food paired up with copious amounts of alcohol consumed over the years, what you get is an overweight chap with the fitness of a retired sumo wrestler haha. I can’t stress enough how much I struggled in the back end of our set, by the time we performed the signature tune between myself and Alex, I was so spent that I was just running on fumes . Thank God the patrons came out to party and provided me with enough energy to see the set through.

I was watching the Netflix documentary, “The Art of Organized Noize”, which chronicles the journey of Rico Wade, Sleepy Brown, and Ray Murray, three producers instrumental in the careers of many popular acts to come out of Atlanta, most notably the dynamic duo of Big Boi and Andre 3000, better known as Outkast. In one of the interviews, Rico Wade recounts how they used to undertake bootcamp style training with the Outkast boys to prepare them for live performances. Apparently, they would make the group run laps around the block whilst they followed them in a car, boombox blasting Outkast beats and the crew rapping their lyrics as they ran. This struck me as an ingenious way to build performance stamina and I vowed to pick up this regimen moving forward.

After the performance at the Okedeo release, I have started going on runs to build fitness, without the singing, and it has become apparent that I am a long way off from being stage fit. The key though is that I taken the first step in fixing an issue which requires urgent attention and hopefully by the time we start performing our new Shottaz collection I will be in tip top shape. One step at a time, or so they say.


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