Patience – An important key to getting the job done

“Some of the smartest dummies, can’t read the language of Egyptian mummies, and ah fly go a moon, and can’t find food for the starving tummies”  — Damian “Jr Gong” Marley (patience)

Growing up I used to hear the phrase “Patience is a virtue” thrown around with reckless abandon. As time passed, I found myself using the phrase constantly without paying mind to the meaning. It’s a catchy phrase that rolls off the tongue effortlessly, and it generally applies in many situations. That said, I think it is important to explore this so called virtue “patience”. Before delving much further into my post, I think it’s worth noting that patience isn’t one of my virtues, but I digress.

I want it all, NOW!!!

During my 30 years of existence I have had to come to terms with the notion that good things take time. Another cliche, I know, but it’s true all the same. Very seldom do things happen overnight, and as much we expect them to do so, life just doesn’t work that way. Many times I have found myself feeling down because things haven’t happened fast enough. This is a natural feeling, yet recently I have learnt to be mindful of it. Being mindful is one thing, though, maintaining faith in the process is another thing completely. What do I mean by maintaining faith in the process? I’m glad you asked.

Trust the process

In every endeavour you will ever take, there will be a series of steps that must be followed. The process! Many a time, people expect to start seeing results the very minute they initiate a process, which is a farce. Oftentimes you will find that people give up as soon as they don’t see immediate results, call it instant gratification if you like. This is a problem because they stop putting in work long before the process starts taking effect. Instead, they should keep working even when it feels like they are banging into a brick wall trusting that the process is in effect. It is often the case that maintaining patience throughout the grind is one of the key ingredients in failed endeavours. Truth be told, I myself have been guilty of this dreadful sickness otherwise known as impatience.

Staying the course

Patience is key to staying the course, along with hard work and dedication. I will discuss the latter in my next post, but it’s important to stay focused on goals. In recent times I have realised the importance of staying patient and trusting the process. Having some 2 projects in the pipeline, both of which have been significantly delayed I have had to exercise a great deal of patience. It hasn’t been easy but I have realised that I always need to maintain a big picture perspective. Though I have a clear vision of how his year should pan out, I need to stay the course. One thing I have realised is that time is valuable, yes, but patience is key.

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