As we face another week I’m stoked to bring you yet another TEN OF THE BEST. This week is more of the same, a pretty mixed bag with quite a bit of variety. Let’s get straight into it though…


Check out the spotify playlist at the bottom of this post:

This weeks playlist, in no particular order:

Mama – Mavado

An ode to the gully gaad’s mama, though the song is easily relatable to anyone that loves thier mother. I quite like the production, and you know Mavado does not miss a beat on this one.

Ndozviripo – Adrian Tate

The other, less prominent half of a group called Soul Afrika (alongside Takura, see last week’s playlist). Just because this dude hasn’t been as active doesn’t mean he’s any less talented, and now that he has a good team behind him I think he’ll be getting more attention in no time. This song is good on so many levels, the production, the message, the delivery…Here he talks about not being wealthy but still wanting to have a blast in life with his significant other. The fact that he handles his own production gives him extra kudos in my book.

You’re Perfect – Charly Black

Big tune again from a rather consistent artist. I have run out of superlatives to use to describe Charly Blacks, the guy never seems to miss a trick. With TJ on production you can guarantee that this tune won’t miss

Bossman – Lutan Fyah

This one is full of vibes, accompanied by a potent message. If you have ever felt undervalued you will no doubt find this tune relatable. The one like Lutan Fyah never disappoints.

Euphoria – Vybz Kartel

Another one produced by Simon for High Stakes Records. I swear Kartel is the most prolific artist outta Jamaica, and the guy is behind bars. I’m obviously gonna praise the production because the fam is on it, but I’m very open to be told that I’m wrong if I am…didn’t think so!!!

Victory – Keznamdi X Chronixx

Talk about pure positive vibes. This song is an anthem delivered with nothing but finesse. Chronixx produces a magnificent hook, which is backed up masterfully by Kez with some tight verses. I absolutely love this tune…

The Way I Are (Natural Woman) – Etana

This one is for all the proud natural women out there. I’m firmly in the camp that appreciates it when ladies keep 100% no additives. Big tune no doubt!

Umoya – Heavy K

A South African house tune for the masses. Just press play on this one and enjoy, nuff said…

Shabba Madda Pot – Dexta Daps

I just can’t seem to shake this tune, when I think I’m over it I hear it on my playlist and I can’t skip it for some reason. I guess it’s the sing along value.

Psalm 91 – Jahmiel

The young Jamaican makes the list 2 weeks in a row, but what do you expect when he has such great tunes to pick from. Another tune with a good message, when you need a bit of upliftment just play this tune and kick back…


Boom, another playlist to keep you company as you tackle the coming week…until the next time!!!

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